Alex Walbom


About me

I am a junior at Brigham Young University. I am majoring in Bioinformatics. I love the biological sciences and I really wanted to become proficient in computers so this was the perfect major! I am planning on going to medical school after I finish college. I do not know what kind of doctor I want to be yet. Hopefully I can get that figured out soon.

Some of my passions outside of school are choir, fantasy, and rock climbing. I love singing with the BYU Concert Choir especially during Christmas time because it just lightens my day every day and takes some of the burden of school off my shoulders. I love reading fantasy books, watching fantasy shows, and making fantasy worlds. The impulse to create something drives my desire to make worlds and stories that have never existed before. Finally, rock climbing is a fun way that I can keep my body healthy.

Of course, the most important thing to me is my friends and family. Spending time with them is the most enjoyable thing I do. Anyways, that's me :)

Start up project

So, the tentative idea for my project is just a fun little user created garden. I have to admit the idea wasn't entirely original, but I'll do my best to make it unique. Users will be able to logon and create a garden that other users will be able to see. The gardens can be saved so that you can come back to them any time you want! You can also have friends in the game. Welcome to Plantarium! insert link here.

Simon project

Currently, I only have the html implementation of my simon website running Simon is the game where you press the buttons that light up in the order they lit up. The game gets harder as you go. Simon Project

Web programming assignments